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Home Cosmetics for face: face facial masks

Skin covers – a required component of facial skin care: they nourish, moisturize and heals the face. Kazhomu facial skin type requires “his” cover. Especially be careful when using a Facial Mask with problematic face. Sometimes they can worsen the condition of the facial skin. For best capacity, use facial skin covers formula for your particular facial skin type. Although facial masks, home cooked, very soft and hardly any harm, do not forget approximately the products, which may cause an allergic reaction. Mask for oily face litsa1. After the bath, as good as a foundation, use lime juice diluted with water. Put a some on your skin. Wait 10 min before applying makeup. 2. In the like way, apply to the skin watered yoghurt and leave for 10-15 minutes. 3. Cut into very thin slices of apple. Put the slices on your face and leave on for Fifteen minutes. This helps to remove excess fat and cleanses the pores. 4. 1 eggs white, mix up with a soup spoon of honey. The resulting mixture was put on the facial skin with a soft brush. After 7-10 min, rinse. 5. Take 4 tablespoons mint paste, the pressure leaves fresh mint 1/4 cup fresh papaya pulp, 2 teaspoons floury chickpeas chickpeas and half a teaspoonful of lime juice. Mix up and apply on facial skin. Later Fifteen minutes, rinse.

Face Cover for oily and combination skin

cover of sour liquid milk for skin with enlarged pores and acne

For this mask is sufficient to impose on the face and covered with a thick ryazhenka top facial skin with gauze. In such a state should be about a quarter of an hour, and then remove the cheesecloth and rinse the facial skin with warm h2o. This mask is better to do at the weekend or in the evening.

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